How to Stay Motivated

Hello everyone!

I hope your Sunday is going well. It has been a tough week for me and today I finally found some time to relax.

This was my second week of blogging and the feeling of motivation kind of faded away. So I thought: why not write about my thoughts?

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In this post I put together some techniques which I use in order to stay motivated. I am sure there are a lot of other ways which I haven’t tried yet, so feel free to make any suggestions 😉

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Here’s a list which could really help you if you are struggling with motivation:

1.Live as if you’ve already achieved your goal (without arrogance)

For example, if your dream is to be a politician, create an everyday routine which reflects exactly that. Think about it: How would my lifestyle be if I were a politician right now? This technique will not only help you get yourself one step closer to your goal, but it will also help you check if you really want to live such a life. After all, you may realize that this is not the lifestyle for you.

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2. Be flexible with your program 

I totally understand that the need to achieve something can be an addiction. I myself am that kind of person and I sometimes really struggle to be flexible and see “relaxation time” as something positive and necessary. Once I put something in my mind, I want to achieve it so badly that sometimes my own determination becomes the reason for my failure. For example, you wake up on a beautiful morning. You have planned every part of your day and you feel more motivated than ever. Then, your phone rings: “Hey, do you want to go out for a walk or a coffee?” And then your day just collapses. You want to drink that coffee so badly, but you also want to be on top of your schedule. Deciding about something so simple (whether you’re going to drink that coffee or not) can drive you crazy. There is nothing crazy about it. You can be productive and have fun at the same time. Just be flexible. You don’t have to always be on time. Relaxing and having fun are also parts of your success.

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3. Do a Morning to-do list

I know that it sounds stupid, but gradually this can be the most exciting part of your day. So, in the morning, while drinking your coffee, grab your pen and some paper and write down what you have to do that day. After that, set your priorities. Certainly, there are things of higher importance. Usually, the most effective way to create a to-do list is to put the difficult tasks first. That way, you will leave the easier ones for the end of your day, when signs of exhaustion may appear.

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4. Have a meaningful “why”

Sometimes, even after doing all of the above, you won’t be able to avoid feeling unmotivated. At that point, the only thing that could help you is remembering “why you do what you do.” There are two kinds of “whys.” The first one is when you get excited about something without really thinking about it (for the ones in love… it is basically like falling in love). The other “why” is when you start doing something because an event in your life guided your mind towards a goal, or because you had a thought which you developed (through reading, through discussions etc.). The difference is that the second “why” also includes excitement, but excitement which comes after logical conclusions.

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Understand that in times when you feel unmotivated you’ll find yourself coming back even more determined to achieve your goals.

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Be confident and do what you love


How to start your health journey

Hello everyone,

I hope you all doing well 🙂 . These two weeks of holidays are coming to their end and a lot of people have thoughts  like: “did I eat too much this Easter” or “how am I going to lose all that weight”. So I decided to share some thoughts about healthy lifestyle and fitness.

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First of all I want to share what health means for me.  In my opinion, it means both, a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind. Maintaining a healthy body is pretty easy. Exercise. You just have to be determined and discipline enough to start. But maintaining a healthy mind is another story. It is necessary to train your brain (reading, writing, solving etc.) and keep your thoughts positive . Sounds easy but let me ask you… How many books do you read in a month and how many are your positive thoughts compared to your negative thoughts per day?

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If you want to start a “health journey” you have to start for you. Start, because YOU want to feel good and look good. If your motive is a celebrity you saw on Instagram or a friend who has a nicer shape than you, then the problem is elsewhere. You have to first work with your mind and not your body. You have to ask yourself, “why do I want to exercise” and the answer has to be deeper than a materialistic idea.

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Find people and a purpose that calm your mind and then your body-weight will fall eventually into place. I know that many of us want to be someone big, do things that will change the world, meet important people etc. , but although that’s a plan that excites you at the time, in 10 years from now, you might find yourself want something different, something that calms your soul and not something that brings you fame, money etc. So when you choose the people around you, do not notice only their character and how they behave around you, notice also, how they make you feel.

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Being healthy is a slow process and that is something that you need to understand. Having a healthy mind and body, especially if you are starting now, takes years. But the key point here is that health is not just a goal that ones you achieve you’re done. Is a lifestyle, which you will get used to as the time passes. In other words, eating healthy and exercising will not be that hard forever. You have to make those two your habits. Once you do everything will be easier.

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Consistency is so important. Do what you enjoy because otherwise you won’t be consistent. Eat what food you like, do whatever exercise you enjoy. As I said being healthy is a slow process, so you have to make it fun! If you don’t like spinach then don’t eat it. There are a lot more green foods to choose from. If you don’t like lifting weights then don’t, try something else, something that you enjoy doing, even if it is just walking. Time of exercise means time for you, not torture. Do it to feel good and not because you want to impress someone.

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Spend your money on good quality food. It is going to make a huge difference. Find food you enjoy and do not follow a diet that someone suggested.

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Have a plan (free weekly planner). All the above are just theory. In order to make them a reality you have to make some kind of planner. Don’t  trip because I have one prepared for you already. Click here.

You have to find your own way. The way to fitness is different for everybody. It takes time to find a routine that works. You have to try different kinds of workouts, different recipes, different times of working out and eating, what hours do you like to sleep and also how many. Imagine it as an experiment. You have to try something different every time to see what works.

Be confident and do waht you love


Eating Disorder story-My personal health journey

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing fine.

So I figured that if I am going to give you advice on healthy living, first I have to inform you on my eating and health background.

I am going to start my storytelling by giving you a short timeline:

2011: Unhealthy eating

2011-2014: Healthy eating and restricting calories

Winter and Spring 2014: Eating disorder-Binge eating

Summer 2014: Weight Loss

Autumn 2014: Weight gain

September 2015: “Normal eating”

September 2015 until today: Stable Weight and Consistent Exercise à Happy Balanced Lifestyle

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  • Unhealthy eating

So the definition of unhealthy eating could differ for each person. For me was basically eating lots of sweets and not listening to my body, which means not eating when I am actually hungry and not stopping when I am actually full.  Although I was exercising 4-5 times a week, my body could not “be fit” basically because of my diet.

This way of eating lasted for about 6 years. It came with a lot of low self-esteem and struggling to be confident.

The main memories I have from that time are binge eating at night (when parents were not around) and feeling guilty because I knew that I will gain weight

Healthy eating and restricting calories

In my last two high school years, I decided to lose weight. Unfortunately, I did it the unhealthy way. I wanted fast results so badly, that I was eating less than 800 calories a day. At first it was easy, because my body was so full of calories from my past eating habits. I started losing weight relatively fast and I was really satisfied, so satisfied that some days I was restricting my calories even more. The positive comments of “oh did you lose weight”, made me even more determined to continue my weight loss. So I did.

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  • Eating disorder-Binge eating

September 2013 was my first year in university and also the beginning of me trying to be a professional dancer. I was obsessed with my dream of dancing professionally. But I did not know that what I was about to see, was going to bring my obsession with restricting calories even further.

When I was in dance class the only thing I saw were skinny girls. I could not help myself, but compare my body to theirs. My conclusion was that I had to lose more weight. AGAIN.

I remember eating a slice of bread in the morning, on cereal bar for lunch and one for dinner.

Soon Binge Eating Disorder hit my door. For 2 years all I was doing was circles. I would eat very little or anything at all for 5 days and binge like crazy on unhealthy food for 2 days.

Back then I thought that I will never get out of it and I just had to accept that I was going to live with it for my whole life.


  • Weight Loss

Although there were a lot of binges I managed to lose more weight, basically because 5 days/week I didn’t eat anything.

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  • Weight Gain

After the weight loss, I experienced a break up, which made me go completely out of track. I put back all the weight that I’ve lost. In your ears that might sound bad, but sometimes I think that this experience somehow saved me, because I was basically leading myself to anorexia. The breakup woke me up and made me understand that I had to love myself because in reality this is all we have.

My confidence was lower than ever. I was hardly going out and was always finding excuse to stay at home.

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  • “Normal” Eating

This situation went on until September 2015. Then, I decided to do some serious research about how I could overcome the disorder. I stumbled upon several vegan channels, which suggested a vegan died as a cure.

By then I had already tried everything so I hadn’t anything to lose.

After being vegan for 3.5 months my disorder was a lot better. I was finally enjoying food and didn’t see it as the “enemy”.

Of course I gained weight, but I knew that this was the only way to be healthy again and fix my metabolism.

I also incorporated regular exercise into my lifestyle. I did what was enjoyable for me and not what is trending. That way I learned to love exercise and to see it as time which I spend quality time with myself.

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The eating disorder thoughts are still in my mind, but it is a slow recovery that I am willing to complete.

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If you are experiencing something similar ask me anything. Just remember that what you are experiencing now CAN go away… It is all up to you!

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Be confident and do what you love


4 Steps to Success


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! How was your Saturday? How are you going to end your weekend?

Mine was pretty good, maybe better than expected. But having fun usually comes with late night’s sleep, so excuse the possible nonsense you may read.  😛

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This period of time I have a lot of time to relax and basically do nothing. This may sounds good to many of you but in reality this is not the case.  In fact this situation, got me thinking, why someone waits for Christmas, the weekend, birthdays, holidays etc. to arrive, in order to “have fun”. Why aren’t we just enjoying each and every day?

My answer is that we are so distracted from our surroundings, their lives and their reality, that we can’t make a reality that fits our ideas and our plans for the future.

In other words, we spend so much time examining what others do, that we end up doing nothing for us.

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The question is:  how do you make a reality that represents “you” ?

The truth is, some years ago I have made an effort myself to build that kind of reality. It only took me half an hour of basically discussing with myself in order to understand my true needs.

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Down below I tried to put together some key questions that you can ask yourself.

If you have reached the point of thinking that your lifestyle no longer serves you, maybe it is the time to change it.

So one of those days give yourself half an hour to really think, if what you are currently doing reflects your true self, or if you are just doing it for money or for fame. Understand that short term, working in a bar, or a café etc., will give you money. But long term, you will see that your mind and soul are getting tired. If your mind shuts off you lose. No one likes loss. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working as a waitress/waiter. I am just saying that in the back of your mind you should have a bigger goal and purpose in your mind.

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I will stop rumbling now and get to the point. The questions are really easy. There are no right and wrong answers. There is only truth and lie. When you answer these questions make sure you’re telling the truth to yourself, otherwise there is no point.

  1. First question is about realizing if you are currently doing is right for you. So the question is: Where do I want myself to be in 10 years (place, job, relationships) ? Does the thing that I am currently doing serve these goals? If the answer is “yes” then you are good to go. If it’s “no”, then keep on reading.


  1. When was the last time I felt excited and happy? The moments you feel excited, are the moments when you are doing something that you love. So think of these moments. Maybe the thing that gets you excited could be your future job.

For example, if you like going to the gym and each time you get excited, then maybe you should consider a career in that field or if you love the process of cooking maybe this is the thing for you.

We often study something (at University, college etc.) and we end up working on the field we studied, without putting any thought in our actions. We don’t realize it at the time, but this is the shortest road to misery.

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  1. What are you good at? Effort is realy important, but talent is also important too. If you have noticed a special talent of yours, why not use it? Being talented + putting in the effort = Success.


  1. Is your environment appropriate, for what it is that you want to do? By saying environment, I mean:
    • people,
    • location,
    • field of studies,
    • your daily schedule.

If you want your dream to work, you have to change the above.

It may seem stupid, but it is really important to write down your answers. Your mind thinks even further while writing. Our mind thinks of useless things every day. Why not once use it for YOU?


Be confident and do what you love


How to accept your past

Hello everyone,

I hope your Thursday is going well… Hold on the weekend is not far 🙂

Today it was a special day…I returned to my hometown after a while… I was thikning of what to post today and on my way home it hit me…

In my mind, hometown means “past”. Sometimes, dealing with your past, is not one of the most pleasant experiences.

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It really is hard. But it is also a process that could help you grow in the most beautiful way. Being ok with your past, means that you have accepted yourself, or at least your old self. It means that you have managed to adopt brand new habits, which make your everyday life much better. With other words, you are happy.

But what does it get to achieve something like this? How do you get to a point where you can finally say “the past is the past” and really mean it?

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Each person goes through a different experience. I am not going to give some kind of shortcut. I’m just going to list what helped me and what I understood while going through that process.

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  • Define the problem

First and foremost you have to understand the problem. Do you really have a problem with your past? Or are you creating drama just for the sake of it?

If the answer is yes, then all you have to do is take a paper and a pen and write it. Put into words what you are thinking. Writing what you think, basically forces you to consider every single detail of the problem.

There are two possible cases: 1) you will realize that in reality there is no problem or 2) you will better understand the problem and from there it will be easier to make a “plan” in order to get out of it

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  • Who provokes the problem

Even if you define the problem, there is still other factors which may prevent you from solving it. For example other people (friends, relationships, relatives etc.)

Many of us, have the habit of “keeping” our old friends around, because we can’t let go of a certain part of our lives.

The issue here is that your 15 year old self, has nothing to do with your 18 or 22 year old self. You are constantly growing. If your surroundings do not fit to that growth, maybe, it is time to let go of them.

Growth is what defines your future. You can’t block your future, by staying stuck in your past relationships.

If you have already done the above, you have pretty much gone through the hard part… So now everything is up to you…

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  1. See the big picture

Inform yourself about what is going on around you! Understand that there are so many problems in this world, but also so many places to see, so many people to meet. Just keep going, your past, a loss, a breakup, are only one small chapter of your life and it’s up to you to fill it with as many chapters as you can 😉

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  1. Set a new goal

Yes I know, everyone is talking about goals. I am not saying that your next goal should be something like “I will be the next president of the US”. It could be something small, something like “today I will smile a little bit more” or “today I will express to my friends how important they are to me”. Something that is going to distract your mind from your past problems.

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  1. Find people who empower you

Not much to say here. Just make sure that your friends fill you up with positivity and love.

  1. Focus on yourself-Be a little bit selfish

Just spend time alone. It is amazing what you learn about yourself when there is no one around. Go for a walk, read a book, dance alone in your home, cry. Anything you need to feel better. Take the time to appreciate where you are now, and decide, where you want go next.

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Just go away from situations that no longer serve you.

Try to become the person you want to be, and keep trying until you be it. If you don’t, you will keep coming back to your past.

Understand that your past shaped the person you are today, but the person you are going to be tomorrow is only defined by what you to in the present.

Be confidetn and what you love,


How to be confident

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Hello everyone!

Wednesday today. It is the middle of the week. Everyone feels a little bit sluggish and tired. It’s the perfect time to talk about confidence! 

Firstly, let’s make clear, the fact that confidence is not something that lasts forever. It depends on a lot of factors, so don’t expect to be confident all the time.

Unfortunately confidence is something that’s easy to fake. For example, everyday we see and meet people who seem to be really confident and ok with themselves. That’s not always the reality. They could also have a lack of confidence, but do not really show it.

So we find ourselves in a position, of thinking that everyone around us is perfectly ok with her/his life, when in fact they are not!

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Being confident is something completely personal. It is not what attitude you show. It is what you feel when you are sitting alone in your bedroom, or when you are alone in the bus on your way home.

Obviously I am not an expert on psychology, but I am going to try to list a few things-tips that helped me boost my confidence and finally be ok with myself (at least most of the time 😛 ) .

  • Music

I can not express how important music is. Basically the quote: “you are what you hear” is 100% true. You have to find the music that fits your personality and psychology. Just stop listening to everything mainstream. Don’t get me wrong! There is nothing bad in mainstream music. I am just saying… Dedicate more time on finding through which kind of music, you can express yourself better.

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  • The people who surround you

How do you expect to be confident if  your own friends do not help you to? Think, think, think … Are your friends really YOUR FRIENDS? Do they support your dreams and goals? Do they encourage you to improve yourself? How do you feel when you are around them? If you feel like “not yourself”, if you can’t express what you really feel, if they prevent you from doing what you truly want, then it is time to move on. Sure, it is going to be hard as f*** in the beginning, but it’ll be worth it long-term.

  • Your purpose

I believe this is one of the hardest things to find, because sometimes you don’t control it. Some people are born with a purpose: “I am going to be a doctor, a teacher, an architect etc”. Some people aren’t. It is a long way until you find what you truly want and until you do, your confidence won’t be at its best. The only useful advice I can give you is SEARCH. Do not stop looking for what you love. It is the only effective solution to lack of confidence. Once you find it, your mind will automatically think about it and you will find that you past concerns were not so important.

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  • Discipline

Even if you find your purpose, you are not completely there! You have to have the discipline to really work on what it is that you want. If you do not work, there will be no improvement. No improvement, means no satisfaction and no satisfaction, means no confidence.

  • Excercise

I am just going to say one word ENDORPHINS. I do not know what they exactly are, but they do wonders. So, when you break a sweat these miraculous endorphins are produced. They basically make you happy. I do not know how, but as long as they do the job I am good. So, EXERCISE = ENDORPHINS = HAPPINESS = CONFIDENCE


  • Healthy Diet

Confidence comes from a healthy brain. A healthy brain is functioning well because it is fueled with nutrients from the food you put inside your body. If you eat good, you will feel good. Confidence is about feeling good and food is the easiest way to achieve that. I am not going to brag about another “healthy diet”, I am just saying that eating healthy is not just about the “looks”, it is also about the “feels”, if you feel me.

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  • Travelling

I just had to include this one on the list. I think that the reason is obvious! Travelling is the best way to broaden your mind. Travelling makes you see the world from another perpsective. It makes you realize that there are more serious issues out there and that your worries are sometimes so insignificant. When travelling, you meet new people. You hear their stories. Sometimes you connect with them, because you see that they have been in the same situations as you are and their fine and most importantly they are still confident.

The following pic shows that sometimes confidence does not look that good 😛 😛 😛

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Be confident and do what you love,


Recipe #1 : Easy and fast Oatmeal Balls

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Hello everyone!

I hope your week started with positive thoughts 🙂 Mine surely did, after a long session of studying in the library from 11:00 o’clock until 4 o’clock, and then beautiful afternoon stroll at the each !

Positive thinking requires good tasty and healthy food. But who has the time to eat lunch when the day is extremely busy and the schedule so full of responsibilities?

That’s why I am here. Soooo! Today I am going to provide you a solution that is going to save time but satisfy your hunger at the same time!

Today we are going to take oatmeal to the next level!

Recipe #1:

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Preparation Time: 15 minutes

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  • 1 cup of oatmeal(Quaker)
  • 1 handful of nuts(whatever you like)
  • 1 teaspoon of cacao
  • 1 tablespoon of tahini
  • 1 tablespoon of honey(or more if you are a sweet person. I usually put one tb, but the balls do not turn out really sweet)
  • Boiled water

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  • Somekind of multi
  • A bowl
  • An oven

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First you put into the multi the oatmeal, the nuts and the cacao. Blend it all together, until you have something that has a flour consistency. Put that mixture into a ball. Now it’s time for the tahini and the honey. So put these two into the mixture and then slowly pour the boiled water while blending the ingredients. Keep pouring water until the mix becomes really thick so you can’t blend anymore. Now it’s time to create the balls. So, take a small amount of dough and form balls in whatever size you prefer. Lastly, put those balls into the oven for 10 minutes and you are good to go!

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If you try this recipe let me know by sending me your pics on on Instagram, or @efi_mk_ on Twitter ❤

Be confident and do what you love