Το καλοκαίρι είναι εδώ και είναι πιο ζεστό από ποτέ. Ελπίζω να έχετε ήδη αφήσει τις πόλεις που μένετε και να έχετε καταφέρει τουλάχιστον για λίγο να πάτε σε μία κοντινή παραλία.   Εγώ δυστυχώς, ακόμα παλεύω με τη ζέστη. Αλλά που θα πάει θα βρω ένα ΣΚ να μουλιάσω στη θάλασσα και να πιω [...]


Summer is already here. Road Trips, long days by the sea, countless photos, new friends, unexpected love... These are some of the things that totally describe summer ❤ But wait a minute, are you sure, that you have everything planned? Maybe you are missing something... maybe you have to add something more to make this [...]

How to Stop Body Shaming

Someone tells you that you've put on weight. Someone tells you that you have to gain weight. You listen. You begin to push yourself to reach that goal...almost blindly. Stop for a second a think: "OK. I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, BUT CAN I LOSE IT?" That's how we should thing before feeling ashamed for [...]


|20/6/2017| Unfortunatey, today is on of these days... All the negative thoughts fill your mind... The past keeps coming back... All the unpleasant experiences... All the demons came to say "Hi"... HOW DO YOU TURN IT AROUND? How do you get yourself back and make all these thoughts go away? Everyone is different...Everyday you feel [...]

6 Reasons why we love men ♂

No matter how much we pretend that we don’t need them, truth is that we do. You can deny it as much as you want, but the fact that you clicked on this article is something that you can’t deny! It’s ok… We all do the same 😉 WE LOVE THEM …and here’s the reason [...]