How to start your health journey

Hello everyone,

I hope you all doing well 🙂 . These two weeks of holidays are coming to their end and a lot of people have thoughts  like: “did I eat too much this Easter” or “how am I going to lose all that weight”. So I decided to share some thoughts about healthy lifestyle and fitness.

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First of all I want to share what health means for me.  In my opinion, it means both, a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind. Maintaining a healthy body is pretty easy. Exercise. You just have to be determined and discipline enough to start. But maintaining a healthy mind is another story. It is necessary to train your brain (reading, writing, solving etc.) and keep your thoughts positive . Sounds easy but let me ask you… How many books do you read in a month and how many are your positive thoughts compared to your negative thoughts per day?

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If you want to start a “health journey” you have to start for you. Start, because YOU want to feel good and look good. If your motive is a celebrity you saw on Instagram or a friend who has a nicer shape than you, then the problem is elsewhere. You have to first work with your mind and not your body. You have to ask yourself, “why do I want to exercise” and the answer has to be deeper than a materialistic idea.

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Find people and a purpose that calm your mind and then your body-weight will fall eventually into place. I know that many of us want to be someone big, do things that will change the world, meet important people etc. , but although that’s a plan that excites you at the time, in 10 years from now, you might find yourself want something different, something that calms your soul and not something that brings you fame, money etc. So when you choose the people around you, do not notice only their character and how they behave around you, notice also, how they make you feel.


Being healthy is a slow process and that is something that you need to understand. Having a healthy mind and body, especially if you are starting now, takes years. But the key point here is that health is not just a goal that ones you achieve you’re done. Is a lifestyle, which you will get used to as the time passes. In other words, eating healthy and exercising will not be that hard forever. You have to make those two your habits. Once you do everything will be easier.

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Consistency is so important. Do what you enjoy because otherwise you won’t be consistent. Eat what food you like, do whatever exercise you enjoy. As I said being healthy is a slow process, so you have to make it fun! If you don’t like spinach then don’t eat it. There are a lot more green foods to choose from. If you don’t like lifting weights then don’t, try something else, something that you enjoy doing, even if it is just walking. Time of exercise means time for you, not torture. Do it to feel good and not because you want to impress someone.

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Spend your money on good quality food. It is going to make a huge difference. Find food you enjoy and do not follow a diet that someone suggested.

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Have a plan (free weekly planner). All the above are just theory. In order to make them a reality you have to make some kind of planner. Don’t  trip because I have one prepared for you already. Click here.

You have to find your own way. The way to fitness is different for everybody. It takes time to find a routine that works. You have to try different kinds of workouts, different recipes, different times of working out and eating, what hours do you like to sleep and also how many. Imagine it as an experiment. You have to try something different every time to see what works.

Be confident and do waht you love


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