How to finally “love the process”

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Today’s thoughts were more compicated.

Recently, I managed to understand what it ment to “love the process”. In the past, I found it really difficult to love the “hustle” of what I was doing. So today I wanted to share my thoughts on this and also hear your opinions. 🙂


Sometimes you have to be disciplined in order to achieve your goals. In the minds of many of us, discipline is related to negativity. We consider it as something necessary and it is generally perceived as a “must”. Nevertheless, if you really think about it discipline means “the act of pushing yourself in order to be better at something”.

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So how do you change your perspective in regards to discipline? In other words how do you learn to love the process?

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  1. Find a goal which is connected to your heart. A purpose.

If your goal is connected to your heart, you will make situations that require discipline much easier. You’ll find that you’re going to want to do more about what you love without really thinking about it. You will push yourself and although it would be hard, you are going to enjoy every minute of it. You will understand that eventually nothing comes easy. Unpleasant feelings will appear even if you are doing what you love. But it’s ok. That’s how it’s meant to be. That’s the point where the quote: “Love the process” becomes reality.

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  1. Understand that following you mind is ephemeral

Think about the times when you completely followed your mind. For example: exams. How many hours passed until you felt tired when rstudying something you didn’t really like. You knew that studying was the realistic and logical thing to do, but the subject you were reading about, was not connected to your heart. So there was no motive for you to keep on reading. Even if you try to follow your brain for a day, or more it is not pleasantly possible. It is possible, but you won’t be happy and satisfied if you push yourself to do everything logically.

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  1. Maintain Balance

It’s easy to be extremely excited about what you love. Sometimes I find myself being caught up to only one thing and ignore everything else. A good example is exams’ period. At that time, all we do is study. Personally I don’t take as much care of myself as I need to. I don’t communicate with my friends. Sometimes I don’t eat enough-right. It’s like my brain is stuck in a box and it seems like it can’t find the way out. So “loving the process” does not mean going all in in regards to what you love. It means maintaining a balance in every part of your life and doing mostly what you love.

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  1. Sometimes you have to use your brain

In order to love the process you have to follow your instincts. Although, instinct is important, brain power should also appear in specific situations:

  1. Don’t be to innocent(people)

It is very easy to get attached to a person, for several reasons. There is nothing wrong with that. This is also a part of “following you heart”. But stop for second and be a little selfish. Ask yourself: does this person really affect my mood positively? If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to set aside your feelings about this person and get your brainpower working.

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  1. Think clever, in order to achieve you goal more effectively

It is wise to use your heart in order to find your goal. But when it comes to “how” you will achieve it, you need to think logically. You need to make a plan, which is going to include the steps you are going to take towards achieving it.


  1. Think well while you are building you content

The key word here is “marketing”. You can’t follow your heart while doing marketing. You have to thing not only the best but also the most competitive way to promote your work, which sometimes requires “no feelings”.

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  1. Think well when you’re empowering your people. Really analyze the aspects of their character and find logical strategies to help them go a step further.


The answer is simple: “FOLLOW YOUR HEART”


Be confident and do what you love


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