Guy – Girl Friendship: Is it possible? | 5 Checkpoints

These non “friend zone” moments. These moments of weakness. This fear of losing what you already have.

Most of us, at least once in our lives, wanted something more from a good friendship. We saw the potential it had to be something beautiful and long lasting. Something romantic.

-How can you know when a friendship becomes love?-

If you don’t  like “romantic talks” I suggest you live this article, because it’s going to be sickly romantic 😛

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Eyes | Touch | Fights |Time with him | Jealousy

Eyes | Two words. Smile and Eyes. You can’t be wrong on these two. When you make another human being smile, you get an addictive satisfaction and you want to do it again and again. The addiction gets even worse when that human being is extremely important to you. This satisfaction, could easily become an erotic feeling. You get addicted to the smile, which you have created.

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Touch | In order for something to be erotic, it need to also be sexual. Sure, you can be sexually attracted to someone, without any physical contact. But, when that “touch” finally happens, your mind could easily get confused and you could easily start having thoughts that maybe you shouldn’t. After you feel this “sexual attraction”, you stop being comfortable around your “best friend”. In other words, touching is a significant moment, which could transfer a relationship, from the friend zone to the love zone. Furthermore, if we take into consideration that the possibilities to “touch” your “best friend” are a lot, the “danger “ of making this transfer is surely more possible.

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Fights | Usually in friendships which go through situations like the one I describesd no one is honest. In every kind of relationship, lack of honesty leads to fights. The difference here is that if you actually want something more from this relationship, these fights are going to bother you a little bit more. In these fights you are going to be a bit more sad compared to a fight with an actual friend of yours.

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Time with him | When you are with him your day is just better. You lose track of time. You forget what you MUST do and just go with the flow. Nevertheless, you have to be grounded. You are friends after all. You don’t want to show something more.

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Jealousy | Feelings of love mean jealousy. You are jealous when you are not his priority. Maybe he chose to go out with his friends or go to the gym instead of being with you and that bothers you


-If you have already experienced the above maybe it’s time to make the decision: will you say what you feel or not?-

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What if you say it |You don’t have to be ashamed about what you feel. I f you don’t express your thoughts, you are only going to force your mind into more thinking. Stop discussing your problem with all the wrong people! Talk about it with the right one. You are going to feel so much better and most importantly, you are going to feel proud about yourself! Just ask what you want to know. You may get a “No” you may get a “Yes”. You never know. Whatever happens, if you truly care for each other you are going to go through this TOGETHER!

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What if you don’t |Sometimes you have to follow the quote: “It is what it is”. Sometimes you just can’t force something to happen. Enjoy what you already have and try to move on. The way I see it, not saying what you feel , is the secure and weak choice. When you hide your thoughts, you slowly destroy yourself. Especially when you keep secrets from a person with whom you spend most of your time.

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There is friendship between a guy and girl when they are just friends. If they become BEST friends things change. It is not possible to spend so many hours with the opposite sex, share everything with him and still not feel anything related to love. If you are experiencing such a friendship right now there are two scenarios. Either your sex is not what your best frend prefers or SOMEONE IS NOT TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH.

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 Be confident and do what you love



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3 thoughts on “Guy – Girl Friendship: Is it possible? | 5 Checkpoints

  1. I agree with everything but disagree with jealousy part.. even in friendships among men there can be jealousy if one them is going out with some other male friend..


      1. Yeah for instance in a group of male friends, there one who is popular, rich ,alpha,etc, one male will get jealous of other male who is selected by the alpha guy for a walk


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