Sex | “Good” and “Bad” Girls

Hello loves ❤  I hope your week is going really, really well. I also hope that you already did something to escape from your ”comfort zone”. If you haven’t done it already, don’t worry. Today is Thursday. You have three more days until this week is over. Maybe this article will help you a little bit… So let’s go…

Are you 20 years old and still haven’t had sex? Are you 15 years old and sex is already such a common thing for you? This questions kind of show two types of people and the different perception they have about sex.

What is right and what’s wrong? Who defines that?

In reality, there’s neither right nor wrong. There’s only you and your wish of who you want to be.

You decide what’s right for you.

Today you may be the most sensitive person. Tomorrow you ignore everything and you just roll.

Ok. Before I start, I wanted you to know, that I am not writing this article to only express my opinion and stuff. I am writing this article to really help you. To give you advice in order to stop labeling yourself as regards to sex.

So the way I see it, there are three categories.

1| The good girls who want to experience the “bad side”

2|  The bad girls who don’t really consider being “good”

3|  and the bad girls who became that for a deeper reason

Today I am going to write about the first category. For the other two categories, I am certainly going to need your help so send me ideas and opinions, on my social media (you can find them on the right top of the page  😉 )

Let’s start: The good girls who want to experience the “bad side”

Why is this happening? A lot will say, because “that’s what men like”. I will say, because “being bag girl is not that bad after all”… IF YOU HANDLE IT THE RIGHT WAY. Maybe finally accepting your bad side is the best way to accept yourself.

OK. I know how it is, because I’ve gone through it. Whenever a discussion is sex related, suddenly you feel extremely uncomfortable and you can’t say a word about it.


Because for some reason you haven’t yet felt ok with sexual issues.

Based on what I know and what I’ve heard, two are the main reasons:

Family| Maybe you haven’t discussed enough about sex within your family. You may tried to search info on the internet, but never asked someone directly.

Friends| I know that being the one who haven’t had sex yet is pretty uncomfortable, especially if you are young. But if your friends make you feel even worse about it then you perceive sex as something negative.

What can you do about it?



Just feel ok with it| Stop having the idea that sex is something too important. How are you going to do that?

  • First you have to talk about it to someone. Someone that you feel close to. It doesn’t have to be family. She/he has to be “your” person.
  • Secondly, during this discussion, you have to answer every question you have. This way you will put yourself in a position where you are going to realize that everything is simple. There’s no big secret that no one tells you


You just need respect| I don’t know what your relationship status is, but it doesn’t really matter.

Find someone who respects you.

You don’t have to fall in love, or be sure that the other person has deep feeling about you.

All you need is respect


Realize that sex doesn’t mean love| I’m not saying that you have to have sex with everyone who comes your way. I’m just saying that you have to open your mind and quit the thought: “I have to fall in love in order to have sex”

Truth is that we are not all so lucky and situations are not always so ideal, in order to find the one.

Bottom line: You are not going to do something that need special knowledge. You are going to satisfy a need, like eating.


Be emotional, but for the right reasons| It’s your decision if you want to turn on feelings or not. There’s this awful misperception that you have to be ashamed if you haven’t had sex.

Feeling ashamed, means that you haven’t completely accepted yourself.

Do you know why?

Because you are unique and not the same with others.

Waiting for “the one” is perceived as so boring.

BUT STOP FOR A SECOND AND THINK. There’s a right reason to be emotional and a wrong reason. If you want to be emotional because you’ve built a “negative image” for the “bad girls”, then you’re wrong. If you want to be emotional because this is the only way to be yourself, then go for it.



Do whatever you want,

but make sure you are safe

and not fake.

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Be confident and do what you love



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