Weight Loss | The Healthy Way

I know you don’t love yourself right now.

  I know that you want to change how you look. 

I won’t be the one to tell you that you have to “love yourself, as he is right now”

Do the change that you so badly want.  I will tell you how. Keep reading …





Usually, these are the reasons why you decide to “lose weight”:

Wake up (1).png

So here’s the “Healthy Way” to weight loss:


If you feel like eating dessert, go ahead and do it. There’s no point in restricting youself. Restrictions are effective shorterm, but in the long run no. Try building a lifestyle which will last for as long as possible. I don’t think that you want to keep eating only carrots for dinner, for the rest of your life ❤

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Yes I know… Cardio excercise makes you feel really good and also makes you lose weight really fast. But! if yo love food like I do, it may not be the best choice for you. The most effective way to use all this food to your advantage, is to build muscle. Obviously, I am not a professional dietician but it is generally known that MUSCLE BURNS MORE CALORIES. IT’S TRUE ! This is the way to maintain your fitness and not restrict your calories


Yeap… We all know this fear… “The number on the scale”…But you know…Sometimes it’s ok to see it go up.

MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT… So if you are currently gaining weight, calm down. If you are eating healhty foods, “eating when hungry and stopping when full” then the added weight is “muscle weight”  and not fat. This means that you are doing a really good job, building a healthy lifestyle.


Cooking! It’s the only way to really know, what you put into your body! By learning how to cook, you learn how to “tranform the disgusting unhealthy food to 5-star restaurent recipes”. Heathy eating CAN be tasty.


Have friends who encourage your effort to lose weight. Negative comments only slow down the process. So if your surroundings “don’t get” what you’re doing either ignore them, or reconsider your realtionship with them.



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Be confident and do what you love


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