Hello everyone… It’s Friday afternoon… The week has come to an end and I hope you still keep those positive vibes going… I certainly don’t, but it’s ok 😛

Today’s post is something that I find really hard to understand,


Yeah ok.

But wait a minute. Do you know what the term “girl” really means? 

by saying -girls-, you're refering to a huge category, which breaks into smaller ones.png

So you see that it’s not that easy to define what a girl exactly is.

Here’s what I know:

We all have one identity. OUR IDENTITY.

Our personality is not defined by sex.

You can be a hopeless romantic,

who rarely shaves her legs

and also loves football

I don’t know how to explain it better

Your vagina does not come with “girly” restrictions.

So try to accomplish the most crazy dreams and

forget those who doubted you, because “you’re a girl”

Keep going. Maybe someday,you will be the proof,that limits are just a fake idea.png

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. The only thing that matters, is to find the girl who hides inside you. The most important thing is to use each and every part of you, to your advantage. Being aware of who you are is the key to reach the highest highs. 

Don’t become someone else, for the sake of another person

Your soul has to be your number one priority. The soul has no sex. It’s something unique. So challenge yourself and put that soul out there.


Be confident and do what you love


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