When women are no longer victims

There is the following misconception: Women need protection

Women are prone to danger

They are given more easily the right to “ask for help”, compared to men

DSC01402_english text

The one who is going to

Hurt you

Hit you

Take advantage of you

Lie to you

It doesn’t matter, if you are a man or a woman. What matters is your personality. That’s the only factor which will define if you will be the victim in any situation.

Down below, I tried to put together some situations, in which women are the “villains”. It would be great if you also wrote your experiences down in the comments section 😉

Women as Gold Diggers

Nowadays. It’s so damn easy to be with a man, because of money. If you decides that, that’s the road you want to follow, it’s ok no judgment here. But, rethink: you are not really independent. You are addicted to the money of someone else. Does this really empower you or is it a shortcut which is going to make you miserable long term?

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Is this really the point? I’m sure there was someone that hurt you at some point. I mean, you know the feeling. You know how hard you have to try in order to find yourself again. So why do the same to another person? If you know that someone has feeling for you, just stop trying to fill your emptiness by using him.


It’s not so random, that “successful” women are the most misunderstood.

That’s because of priorities. Once you start chasing a dream, you mind works only for it. Only for you. You constantly try to think HOW you are going to achieve your goal.

In my opinion, negative critique towards that kind of women, happens because subconsciously, people think that women “are not made for success”.

DSC01416_english text.jpg

That’s a fact .

But facts could change!

One step at a time.

So there are two choices:

  • Either you are the one who hurts everyone because you can’t calm your womanly ego.
  • Or you choose not to be the victim, because your mind is too busy chasing a dream, to try facing those who hurt you!


Be confident and do what you love


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