If I could turn back time, that’s what I would tell

…Don’t worry you will figure out who are the right people for you. Who is worth of your time and who is not. Who you should keep in your life and who you should let go of.

…Don’t rush. You will eventually find what you love. If you don’t then you should invent something new. After all innovations are usually successful.


…Don’t get angry because of the way boys are behaving… they don’t get it yet. They don’t know how to express their anger and their sadness. They don’t really know themselves, and the truth is, neither do you.

…Let your heart take you wherever it wants, because even if you try using your mind, you will always go back to the beginning, where your heart told you to go from the very start.

…Your parents are right for many things, but not for everything. Sure, you can’t always do what you really want, but that doesn’t mean that you should quit fighting for your dreams.

…Find ways to help your mind escape, to get away from the routine that drowns you. Don’t let your own thoughts get you down.


…If you feel different from everyone else, don’t try to change. There’s a reason why you are so unique. Find that reason and don’t fight your own self.

…Remember that nothing is or can be perfect. Sometimes you give your all. Sometimes everything feels wrong. But your journey and effort do not stop there. You always learn more when you go through hard times.


…DO NOT FOLLOW MY ADVICE. Make mistakes. Let other people affect you both negatively and positively. Allow your heart, to beat as hard as possible, to get excited and then break to a hundred pieces. That’s the only REAL and RIGHT way. That’s the only SECRET TO BEING “THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF”.

Be confident and do what you love


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