Summer is already here. Road Trips, long days by the sea, countless photos, new friends, unexpected love… These are some of the things that totally describe summer ❤

But wait a minute, are you sure, that you have everything planned? Maybe you are missing something… maybe you have to add something more to make this summer unforgettable.

I had exactly the same concern. So I figured, I should make a BUCKET-list… A GIRLY BUCKET-LIST 😉

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Here we go :

Add A Pinch Of Adventure

Yeah, I know that cocktails, laying under the sun all day and scrolling through your Instagram feed, are your standard activities this summer. But why not change things up a little bit this year. Here’s how to be more adventurous:

  1. go hiking to places you have never been
  2. camping (and especially free camping)
  3. travel alone
  4. join an environmental organization. Whatever is related to nature, usually scares people

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Dedicate this summer to yourself 

My ideas down below may seem silly, but if you try them, they will brighten up your day for sure.

  1. Vlog your summer. You don’t have to do it for the world, do for you. Someday you’ll watch these videos again and you’ll see how far you’ve come
  2. DIY your own mug
  3. Do that tattoo you wanted
  4. Change something in regards to your appearance

Go to a festival or concert 

Stylish outfits, braids, music, friends, nice food. It sounds like paradise to me. I agree that festivals could be really expensive, but instead of spending your money to mindless shopping, get outside and just live it.

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Watch the sunrise and write your thoughts while  doing so

Sounds cheesy, but the moments when your mind completely relaxes, it’s usually the moment when those “life-changing” thoughts, come to life.

Be honest

Challenge yourself. Make a 30-day challenge on your own. Your goal will be express your true feeling to your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents etc. It’s one of the best ways to “clean-up” your life and finally remove that weight off your shoulders.

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Plan your winter 

Planning is the only way which actually helps you to achieve something. Why not put your thoughts in order and create a detailed calendar of how you are going to achieve them?

Organize something

t may be a festival, it may be a backyard barbeque… either way you are going to learn a lot during the process.

All in all, the hard part is to leave those cellphones and laptops aside and go out. Let the world know about your ideas and how you’re planning to achieve them. Otherwise, how are you going to make them come to life?

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Be confident and do what you love,




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