4 Ways To Express Yourself Through Makeup

Hello everyone ❤

Today’s post is going to be an unusual one. We are going to talk about makeup. I was never a “makeup person” and I don’t believe that you need eyeliner or mascara to be beautiful or feel confident.

The one thing I believe, is that makeup gives you the opportunity to express your feelings and show your character. It’s the outfit of your face. You can be as creative as you want with it. You can show a different self each and every day.

So here’s the four looks we put together for you ❤



There’s nothing complicated here. A clean face that shows all your perfect imperfections.


Sometimes, it’s so scary to present yourself as you really are. Truth is that this is the ultimate “exodus” from your comfort zone. Embrace it and be brave.

If you do it once, then it will come easily and naturally.


How To Achieve It:

-Make sure to clean your face, by using a natural soap

-Drink a lot of water,  2-3 liters a day

-Eat clean


I’m sure you all know about these tips. The change comes when you finally start incorporate these habits into your everyday routine. What are you waiting for?



Make your most unique characteristics stand out. How? Use your makeup wisely 😉


How To Achieve It:

-Use a really light foundation and make sure that it fits your skin color.

-Detect your most unique features and emphasize on them. For example, if you have really big eyes try to use mascara to make them stand out and a bold lipstick in order to balance it out.

-A light blush or even a little bit of contouring are going to complete beautifully this look.




For those who want to experiment and dig deeper into makeup, but still not look too overdone, the “grunge look” is the one for you.


How To Achieve It:

-For the base use a light foundation and concealer.

-For the eyes use a brown eyeshadow and apply it to the inner crease.

-Use a brown or black eye-pencil and apply it on your waterline.

-Don’t forget to apply mascara and blush on your cheeks.

-Finally, apply a lipstick of your choice, to finish the look.




Stop keeping your “sexy makeup skills” just for a night out, or a special date. If you feel like wearing heavy makeup even at daytime, go ahead and do it. Be yourself. You have the right to look however you like and do whatever it takes to be confident.


How To Achieve It:

-The “foundation part” could be heavier in this look

-For the eyes, apply a black eyeshadow all over the lid and underneath your waterline.

-Go on, take your eyeliner and draw a line close to your eyelashes.

-Don’t forget to apply white eyeshadow on your browbone and inner corner of your eyes. This part is really important, because it’s going to brighten up your look, since it’s extremely dark already.

-Finish the eyes with mascara.

-Apply blush and contour your face.

-Lipstick isn’t much needed, since the rest of the look is intense enough.


All girls know that makeup is a controversional topic. Should you wear it, or not? Does it make you look unnatural? Does it take your natural beauty away?

It doesn’t really matter.

As long as you feel confident and fulfilled, keep doing what you do 😉

Be Confident and Do What you Love ❤




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