If you decide to chase a dream you have to change your lifestyle

Everything you do has to “serve” this dream

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Of course a brand new lifestyle brings new beneficial habits.

But, it also makes us forget to live the moment and be present.

So what it takes  to enjoy each moment and chase your dream at the same time?

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🌟 Commitment doesn’t mean constant pressure. When you are commited at doing something, you think that others expect a lot from you. This is not true, you are doing this JUST FOR YOU.

2017-11-13 09.40.31 3.jpg

🌟 Limit the time you chase your dream. I know it’s your dream and I know that you love it, but set limits. Working for something 24/7 always brings average results.

🌟 Don’t say always “No”. When you commit to something, you naturally want to put all your effort and time in it. Your social life is not a priority and you often deny even meeting important people in your life. Don’t do this. People are what’s going to matter in the end.

2017-11-13 09.41.13 3.jpg

🌟 The fact that you changed your lifestyle doesn’t mean that YOU changed. You don’t need to become someone else to “prove” that you are capable of achieving a goal. You can still enjoy doing nothing and mess around , while working for your dream life.

2017-11-13 09.40.19 3.jpg

“I want to caution you against the idea that balance has to be a routine that looks the same week in and week out.” 

― Kevin Thoman


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