How to be Warm and look Cute at the same time

The same all problem, repeating itself every December.

How in the world can you put together an outfit, which is both warm and stylish?


I used to be the girl that grabbed random pieces of clothing and my only concern, was how to keep myself warm. That changed when I realized how easy it is to look cute even when it’s 0 °C outside. The only thing you need is a little practise.

Try to wear tights as much as possible

My recommendation is to wear them with pencil skirts, or culottes, like I do in the photo below.


Wear a leotard instead of a regular blouse.

Sometimes we forget that our belly and our lower back are the body spots that are more prone to cold. By wearing a leotard, you will protect them and avoid any chance of sickness.

tights (2)

Were a shawl-poncho on top of everything.

Believe me. I know how frustrating it could be, to wear many layers of clothing below your jacket. So, wear them on top of it. A schawl is the fashionable and warm solution you are looking for.

tights (1)

Jewllery is the key.

When you wear a ton of clothing it’s normal to forget the details. But don’t. Jewllery and accessories in general, is the one thing that will make your outfit stand out.

tights (3)

Warm shoes are good shoes.

My grandma used to say: “If your feet are warm, then your whole body is going to be fine”. I still try to follow this advice and girl it works! Invest in quality shoewear and you will see the difference.

tights (4)

These were my advice, to help you have a stylish and warm winter.

2017-11-30 11.59.12 1.jpg

Sending you lots of love and wishing you a beautiful winter day.

2017-11-30 11.59.13 1.jpg

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