Hot Chocolate and Christmas Glam Lookbook

It’s that time of the year as you noticed. Christmas Lights and Festive smells in the streets. The city vibe is calling you to go out and have some fun with family and friends.

Imagine if these happen while you are in your favourite and perfectly put together outfit.

Since I know how busy you girls are, I did all the work for you. Here they are:

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My Top 5 Christmas Outfits for 2017

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The Christmas Coffee

2017-12-23 10.11.15 1.jpg


In this outfit I tried to put together something festive, while maintaining the feeling of comfort. The Pencil Dress and the Earrings, bring a formal feeling to the outfit, while the sneakers are making it more chilled. Also, I wanted to incorporate christmassy colors, that’s why the green cardigan was a must.

2017-12-23 10.11.13 1.jpg


2017-12-23 10.11.10 1.jpg

The Christmas Overall

2017-12-23 10.11.24 1.jpg


Overalls are one of my favourite pieces. Unfortunately, it’s not one of the most comfortable ones. So, choose to wear it for example at a brief coffee. This outfit brings out the winter mood. The Timberlands paired with the beanie make me feel like I’m somewhere in Canada or something.

2017-12-23 10.11.21 1.jpg

Denim x 2  kinda Winter

2017-12-23 10.11.20 1.jpg


I was one of those people, who was scared to wear denim on denim. I was wrong. It’s a classic combo and you can pair it with almost everything. I’m obsessed with how the yellow beanie and the patterned shirt fit so good together. This shirt could  be Santa Claus’ … really.

2017-12-23 10.11.18 1.jpg


2017-12-23 10.11.16 1.jpg


Christmas Night

2017-12-23 10.11.25 1.jpg


This wouldn’t be a proper Christmas night, without green and red details. I decided to keep everything really simple, and put all of my effort to makeup.

2017-12-23 10.11.26 1.jpg


If you are crazy about this watch as I am, I have a Discount Code for you. Follow me on Instagram and Direct Message me to get it.

New Year’s Eve Snow Queen

2017-12-23 10.11.30 1.jpg


This outfit  is more on the edgy side. It’s perfect for a night out on the 31th of December. The challenge here was to make a warm and stylish outfit at the same time. That’s why I chose the Leather Jacket and the Leggings. You are warm and ready to welcome 2018.

2017-12-23 10.11.29 1.jpg


2017-12-23 10.11.31 1.jpg


I hope you liked my 5 recommendations. What are you going to wear during the holidays? Send me your photos on Instagram:

Photos by: @elle.fot

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