Goodbye 2017

It’s 7:30 in the morning and writing this post, is more difficult than I thought.

How hard is to look back trying to figure out if all the bad and good moments taught you something. If they were worth it.

During 12 months I was lucky enough to live 12 experiences, which taught me 12 lessons…

2017-12-29 08.00.34 1.jpg


Feeling lost in regards to what you want to do in life, is something that only you can change. Try new things as often as possible. Things that you couldn’t imagine were meant for you.


The worst experiences, lead you to life-changing experiences.


Focusing on you, means spending a lot of time by yourself. Loneliness doesn’t mean weakness. It means that you are perfectly fine with who you are. Negative feelings don’t bother you, because you know that they are temporary.

2017-12-29 08.00.38 1.jpg


Start that thing you want to try so much, even if you have no clue how to do it. It’s a matter of time to learn and be good at it.


Not missing certain people, doesn’t mean that you don’t need them in your life anymore. It means that you have reached a high level of self-development, where the decisions of your surroundings don’t affect you anymore. For some, this is selfishness. For me, it’s “how the reality should be”. Putting yourself first is not selfishness. It’s a matter of mental and practical existence.


Following your heart in the future, means making sacrifices now. It’s such  beautiful feeling to follow your dreams. But on the other hand, it’s really bad to follow these dreams unrealistically and eventually watch them fall apart.


I’m a great believer of speaking your heart out. The catch here is that you have to learn how to do it. How many times have you tried to describe what’s in your heart to another person and they just didn’t listen, even though you really believed what you were saying? Truth is, no one cares about what you have to say, until you give them the motive to listen. Food for thought.


Before you decide to make any changes in your life, first make sure that you are ready for it. In the beginning of something new, excitement is what leads the way. What happens when the faith is gone and pressure and tiredness take over? It’s the moment when you need something extremely strong to keep you going. So, before you start anything in your life, answer to that question: “Why am I doing it?”

2017-12-29 08.00.35 1.jpg


Probably you have already discussed this with yourself, but let me remind you. Don’t confuse, excitement, lust and love. Just in case you forgot.


Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes you cross the line and you don’t even know it. I really believe that you are capable of a lot of things. But you can’t do everything while working on high speeds. Try to find a stable pace. Make small steps towards your dreams EVERY SINGLE DAY. Small steps add up to something big. Sounds good right?


Listen to your friends, especially the ones who want to see you become the best version of yourself. Their words and advice, might make you feel uncomfortable. But think about it. Sometimes, some of them know you better than you know your own self.


This month taught me that love comes back to you with the most unusual ways. It taught me that love isn’t a bubble where you are eternally happy and everything comes effortless to you. It needs real effort to face the “demons” of your past and mature thinking to figure out who are the people you really need in your life.

2017 was good enough to me. By no means was it the most “problemless” year. But that’s what makes it unique.  

31st December 2017 and I can officially say that 2017 was the best year of my life. What about you?  

2017-12-29 08.00.36 1.jpg

Happy New Year, with lots of dreaming

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