About me

About me _1

Hello Everyone!

I am really glad that you stumbled upon my page and even happier that you are interested to learn more things about me.

So as you know my name is Efi. I live in the second biggest city in Greece, Thessaloniki.

I am currently a senior student in university, studying International Relations.

One of my dreams is to empower people and especially women. This blog is just the beginning of achieving this goal.

Travelling is also big part of me. I find it really challenging, but at the same time, I think is the only way to truly learn how to live, because it teaches you balance.

Although I now live in Thessaloniki, my hometown is called Edessa. I lived there since the end of my high school years. It is a small town, full of nature, which somehow justifies my love for the outdoors.

In the beginning of my 4 years in university, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. At that time my goal was to become a professional dancer. The disorder and dancing did not work together at all. So I quit dancing and I tried to live as healthy as possible. There were lot ups and downs, but today I have reached a good point, especially in terms of mindset.

Having gone through this, my main concern as regards to this blog, is to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle especially in terms of mindset and not appearance.

If you want to know more about me, then you should probably ask one of my friends. I believe that they secretly think that I am a 60-year old granny, because I always try to follow a “schedule”, which sometimes can be really annoying.

I hope that my blog will make your journey to healthy living a little bit more enjoyable…

Be confident and do what makes you happy