Red Lips and Minimalism

Happy Tuesday ❤

I heve so many things to tell you and I really don’t know where to start from ❤

It was a crazy week, full of discoveries and new experieneces.

First of all I managed to finally change my “Instagram game”. I know it sounds really silly and for some of you meaningless, but it’s something that me and Eleftheria (my photographer), have been struggling for, for lots of weeks now.


Secondly, I feel a different kind of peace these days, cause I managed to, somehow, balance work, blogging and personal life.

But lets get into fashion ❤


Comfort is the word that comes to my mind when I wear this outfit.

Today’s post is all about showing you that

being chic and comfortable could be related.


My Tips for Putting Together a Comfortable yet Chic Outfit are the following:

  • Choose flowy pants, which are tighter on the “waist part”
  • Your tops and your bottoms, should have opposite colors. You want to add contrast to your outfit. That way there is going to be an “eye catching” part (either top or bottom) and your outfit will have the elements of shape and movement
  • Add unexpected accessories. On my outfit I only wore a beanie and a silver ring. What I recommed is long nekclaces or even a belt around your waist.
  • Comfy outfits are also perfect for winter, because you can wear more clothes underneath your main outfit, like tights. That way you stay really, really warm.


    If you are a productive person who runs around all day, it’s so crucial for you to choose clothes that make you feel comfortable!

“Please don’t try to follow trends just to look good. Choose clothes that represent YOU and clothes that work as a catalyst in your day to day life”


You can also find me on Instagram:

Photos by: Anna Tompoulidou

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