How to find your signature style

Hello Loves and Happy Easter ❤

I’m spending my last days in Thessaloniki, as I’m packing my stuff in order to move to Athens for three months. I’m going to participate in a Greek TV show, which of course I see as a new chance, but I don’t know if I’m truly excited for it yet. Time will show!

How was your week? Are you enjoying Easter Holidays?

Today’s topic is a “How to” on “How to Find your Signature Style”


In the past and still, so many asked me: “What was/is your style”. I really hadn’t an answer in the past. It took many years to discover what style means for me and still I’m not sure if I have found it!

If someone made this question to me now, I would say that I tend to wear clothes that represent the “parisian-business style”.

But how are you going to find your style?


Here are some basic steps!

Brainstorm on what you naturally like.

Basically what I’m trying to explain here, is that at first you have to enter shops and try on or buy whatever you like naturally. Don’t think if it will fit well, the price, the clothes that you already have or the occasion. Just pick the pieces that you like at first sight.


Experiment at home.

Now it’s the time to find what fits your body well. Get your favourite pieces out of the closet and make combinations. For example, wear your fave pants and try some blouses with them to see what you like. Do this with all of your “hard to style” pieces.


Find accessories that represent you and you feel comfortable with

Clothes are one thing, but accessories are a whole different game. There are so many choices to choose from, that it’s so easy to get confused and end up making the absolute wrong choices! Each and every accessory expresses a different feeling. So search on Pinterest, on Tumblr on wherever you want what expresses you.


Don’t confuse “your style” with “what you like”

You are going to like a lot of styles. That doesn’t mean that these are “your style”. For me there are 2 elements that define if you found your style.

  1. You feel comfortable in what you wear
  2. What you wear expresses who you really are. If you can’t find your style. Maybe you haven’t truly found who you are.

Finding your style, doesn’t have to be something complicated. These past few days there is something that helps me deal with each and every situation and it’s this quote:

“Make it simple but significant”



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