How to stop hating your body?

Long time, no see loves ❤

How your life is going? Are you making the most out of spring and preparing for summer? I definitely am! I already started imagining of those summer nights that are about to come! What I’m going to write about today is more on the lifestyle side, but it still relates to fashion.

‘Being a person that’s suffering from diet issues  appearance is a struggle for me!’

My Story: Summer 2014 I was the lightest I have ever been: 60kg. I have never reached that point again and I’m glad I didn’t, because I know that it was really unhealthy. Nevertheless, when it comes to trying on clothes, especially summer outfits (shorts, crop-tops, etc) I hate the way I look in many ways. Why? Because I no longer have those thin thighs that I used to.


What can you do today to stop hating your body?


1. Find ways to raise your confdence (not realted to appearance)

I know that the best advice here, is: “Love yourself. It doesn’t matter what clothes you have on”

But I also know, that loving yourself is a long and hard journey. That’s why during this journey you have to find ways to raise your self-confidence.

2. Don’t be a fashion victim (the way industry wants you to)

We often let fashion trick us, into what is fashionable and what fits us, without thinking to ourselves: “Do I feel comfortable with these clothes, or do I wear them because it’s what everyone wears?”

For example, most mainstream brands, sell shorts as the ultimate piece for summer. There are two main reasons why you don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts:

-First the numbers in these brands don’t represent the body of an average woman, so you can not find the right number for you

– and second, these types of clothes do not compliment your body type

And guess what that is totally ok. You don’t have to keep trying to fit nto these brands, or change your body in order to “start liking how shorts look on you”. Just don’t wear them!

3. Find places that sell the clothes that scream : “YOU”

Wear clothes that make you smile and feel as the most beautiful girl on the world! For me the trick was to buy pant one size larger than my size. Why? Because I feel comfortable! I can eat more if I want to and move around without stressing about “my tight pants”. There are so many thrift stores where you can find a lot of unique pieces. Also, another alternative is to shop from the men’s section. The way I see it, they always have better clothes than we do 😛


I’m not going to pretend that I mastered the “self-confidence game”, because I have a really really long way to go still. These where some solutions that I found on my way to feeling more comfortable into my skin! Hope I somehow helped!


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