Fall Into Winter

Good Morning beautiful people,

Today is a really cold day here in Thessaloniki. When I try to put together an outfit during days like this one, I find myself missing those fall outfits. Unfortunately, the temperature is too cold to wear a lighter combo. Nevertheless, I did my best to fit this fall outfit into winter.

2018-01-13 05.20.21 1-01.jpeg

So as you see, I chose a beanie, neutral-coloured coat and jeans.

2018-01-13 05.39.33 1-01.jpeg

I really love the detail of the striped top underneath the coat.

If your body is curvy like mine, use a belt to add emphasis on your waist.

2018-01-13 05.33.56 1-01.jpeg

Don’t forget your accessories. For me, a pair of earings and my favourite sunglasses are enough.

2018-01-13 05.32.33 1-02.jpeg

You can also find me on Instagram: @efi.mk

Photos by: Eleftheria Fotiadou

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