My Thrifted Suit

Hello loves,

The first photo of this post is the photographers favourite, which also happens to be my roomate.

As you noticed, I call it “My Thrifted Suit”. You probably wonder why. So let me explain.


2018-01-13 02.05.14 1-01.jpeg

The upper part of the suit which I’m wearing, used to be my mum’s. It’s so classic and I have actually seen it in a lot of boutiques the past months. It looks brand new and I love it.

2018-01-13 01.48.53 1-01.jpeg

I only had to add my favourite jeans, a white tee and my Capitola Watch .

2018-01-13 01.48.26 1-01.jpeg

Don’t be scared to style old pieces. Not only you’re going to look unique, but sometimes they turn out looking much better than a new piece.

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Photos by: Eleftheria Fotiadou

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