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Good Morning Loves ❤ ,

Sometimes I completely forget how amazing it is to spend time on your own. So although yesterday I spent an “alone Saturday evening”, I realized I really needed it. A little bit of recharging and rethinking is always nice.

I hope you had a more interesting Saturday than mine.

Last week I went shopping with my dad. Actually we went to shop a suit for him. Of course I ended up walking around the women’s section. I chose two pairs of trousers. I never knew how to pick the right pair for me, but now I think Iunderstood how things work. I learned how to be Comfortable and Stay True to My Style at the same time.

Final 2.png


Final 3.png

Here’s what helps me Stay Comfortable, but at the same time True to My Style:

Find what parts of your body bloat the most

Us women, we have a lot of issues in regards to bloating. During the day, when tiredness kicks in, some part of your body may bloat a little bit. For me, it’s my belly and my thighs. So to solve this issue I try to pick clothes which are a bit more loose in this parts, so I don’t have to worry during the day.

Find  your “Good” parts of your Body

You are beautiful whatever you wear, but I know and you know, that some clothes accentuate more some parts of our body and make us look like we actually tried really hard to style an outfit. So, pay attention to this parts, because they are your guide to what clothes you should pick when shopping.

Don’t choose tight clothes

Scrolling through your instagram feed, you may see a lot of models wearing all these crop tops and skinny jeans. That’s fine, but their life is not your life. You should fit your outfits to your lifestyle in order to do your best and not just “look good”

Invest in Quality Shoes

I know that walking around all day on heels, is not realistic at all. So don’t wear heels! There are so many flat shoes, which are as elegant as heels. Some of my favourites at this time of the year are Oxford Style shoes. Here’s a link to a pair similar to mine.


Being comfortable in your own skin is something that happens when you accept yourself as you are, not when  you achieve “change”

P.S The trousers that I’m wearing are from Zara. You can find them here.


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Photos by: @greekkouture

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