Spring In A Rainy Day

Hello loves,

Hope you are all doing fine. Hope the middle of Febuary has found you full of energy and eager to reach your goals.

Here in Thessaloniki, everything rolls pretty well, except the weather. Rain, sun, warm or cold, seems that someone can not decide which mood to choose

This means that putting together a stable wardrobe is harder than usual.


2018-02-15 04.27.06 1-01.jpeg

So I decided to be a little bit more rebelious and put on some colourful, floral overalls.

2018-02-15 04.27.02 2-01.jpeg

This piece is from Zara and I fortunately manged to find it on sale. It’s pretty comfortable. Actually I wore it for a whole day and it felt like wearing pyjamas.

2018-02-15 04.27.04 1-01.jpeg

The only drawback is the upper part. Girls with small chest like mine will have to pay some extra attention, so nothing shows up.

2018-02-15 04.27.01 1-01.jpeg

2018-02-15 04.26.59 1-01.jpeg

This piece can stand by its own, without worrying about how to wear it.

What I recommend is pairnig it with black ankle boots and black tights.

2018-02-15 04.26.57 1-01.jpeg

During spring time it would be perfect with some neutral brown sandals or even the right sneakers.

2018-02-15 04.26.55 1-01.jpeg

When I bought these overalls I was so hesitant, because they were so out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, they turned out to be one of my favourites.

“Don’t be afraid to try things out of your comfort zone, either this means wearing a different outfit, either it means to introduce yourself to something you were so afraid of to try”

You can also find me on Instagram: @efi.mk

Photos by: Eleftheria Fotiadou

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