Street Style Beginner

It’s been a while loves ❤

You are going to read this on a Monday, but I’m writing it on a Sunday, so don’t get confused from what you are going to read 😋

So, it’s a really chilled day. Didn’t do anything special, but I’m actually really excited to stay at home. You know, plan my week, do some personal thinking and spent some quality time with Efi 👼🏻

2018-03-11 03.10.45 2-01.jpeg

Lately, I’m trying to level up my style a bit. I’m leaning towards a parisian,street with bit of sporty vibe style. I’m starting to realize that I haven’t found MY style yet and now it’s the first time, I’m clearing things up a bit.

2018-03-11 12.30.54 2-01.jpeg

This look was one of my favourites this week. I used to see bloggers and models wear their shirts this way, but I never really tried it myself. Not gonna lie, wearing a shirt this way was not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it added more style for sure.

2018-03-11 03.10.47 2-01.jpeg

What I regret, is that I didn’t style any neck jewellery with the outfit. I think that some gold details would look really good.

2018-03-11 03.10.46 1-01.jpeg

Another obsession lately have been my three hats. The one you see is the first one. I will surely wear the other two on other posts. I’m literally in love with them and I’ve come to realize, that they make you look put together, even without trying that hard.

2018-03-11 03.10.47 1-01.jpeg

So, a quick advice from me to you, would be:

“don’t be afraid to experiment and get inspiration from others. Fashion is a journey as so many other things in life”

2018-03-11 03.10.45 1-01.jpeg

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Photos by: George Matatsis

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