The Lace Shirt

You should be asking: “Efi, what were you thinking? A photoshoot in the bathroom?”.

Well, truth is I don’t know how I came up with this idea. The only thing I know is that exams had my head going crazy. So I needed something equally crazy to fix my head

2018-01-25 02.23.09 1-01.jpeg

This shirt is from Zara. It is made of lace and tulle. It has small embroided dots all over it and embroided colourful flowers on the back.

2018-01-25 02.24.32 1-01-01.jpeg

My mistake that I didn’t took photos of the back side of the shirt. Promise to capture it on a next photoshoot.

2018-01-30 08.23.11 1-01.jpeg

I really love the dark-red lips with the black, see-through shirt and the messy hair.

2018-01-25 02.23.36 1-01-01.jpeg

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Photos by: Eleftheria Fotiadou

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