Wintery Layers

I missed you loves ❤ ,

I hope that your week started as good as it possibly could. Mine certainly did.

Yesterday it was a “me time” evening. Did a facial and ordered a chicken crepe. Comment down below if you have any good crepe combos to recommend, because I’m always half-satisfied from my choices.

Today’s post, is about Layering . I was definitely not a pro at layering, in the past. Nevertheless, after a little bit of practice, things got much simpler.

2018-02-19 08.37.15 1-01.jpeg

My first tip in regards to layers, would be not to buy too thick knitwear. The whole point of layering is to cover yourself up with lots of clothes. If some of them are too thick, you won’t feel comfortable and you will find it difficult, even to move your hands. At least that was my case.

2018-02-19 08.47.44 1-01.jpeg

What I recommend is three layers:

  1. A Summer Blouse
  2. Knitwear
  3. And your Jacket

This always works for me and I don’t have to think about complicated combinations.

2018-02-19 08.37.10 1-01.jpeg

Sometimes when it’s extra cold outside, or when I’m feeling extra fancy, I throw on a big scarf. In other words I’m adding one more layer.

2018-02-19 08.37.12 1-01.jpeg

I usually try to pull my hair away from my face. That way I’m avoiding an overdone look.

2018-02-19 08.37.13 1-01.jpeg

Hope I gave you some kind of inspiration or a new look to try this week.

Some people find fashion useless. The way I see it, truth is that feeling comfortable in your outfit, is a way of adding some more confidence in your life. 

So, don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll never know what is going to suit you, unless you try it.

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Photos by: Eleftheria Fotiadou


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