No half-achieved goals till the end of 2017


I wasn't that confident about posting about this issue, because "being used" is a feeling that everyone perceives differently. It's so easy to feel used. Work, relationships, family, friends etc. All potential sources. But truth is, every situation is different and you certainly cannot compare them. EVERYONE HAS HER/HIS OWN EXPERIENCES. The key to that kind … Continue reading THE FEELING OF BEING USED

How to accept your past

Hello everyone, I hope your Thursday is going well... Hold on the weekend is not far 🙂 Today it was a special day…I returned to my hometown after a while… I was thikning of what to post today and on my way home it hit me… In my mind, hometown means “past”. Sometimes, dealing with … Continue reading How to accept your past

How to be confident

Hello everyone! Wednesday today. It is the middle of the week. Everyone feels a little bit sluggish and tired. It's the perfect time to talk about confidence!  Firstly, let's make clear, the fact that confidence is not something that lasts forever. It depends on a lot of factors, so don't expect to be confident all … Continue reading How to be confident